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EAU Residential

Custom designed styles for your home!

Let the artists of European Artisan Upholstery take your home to the next level.

From concept through construction, to the finishing touches of each of your Using high quality fabrics and materials, European Artisan Upholstery will give your furniture and heirlooms a makeover.

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    Resurrect your home furnishings
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  • Kitchen Design
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  • Flooring Design
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eau service

First rate artisan work at an affordable price.

European Artisan Upholstery - Residential Art 2

years of experience

Experience and expertise with the correct tools to create a work of art.

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complete craftsmanship

From top to bottom, our skills will transform your furniture into works of art.

Latest Project

We believe in long term design value, which we acheive by selecting quality pieces and through timeless design.

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let us restore your furniture!

Get in contact with us and we can help you with your residential makeover!

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European Artisan Upholstery

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